Today is an exciting day for us to be alive and to be  called by God, to share the love of  our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a Joy to be able to serve in a church family that  desires to follow the Lord’s will and ways. Here at PHWC we can see the whole  […] Continue reading →

Mortgage Burning (Rome NY)

Pastors Jonnie and Barbara Nickles were honored and blessed to be able to participate in the “Mortgage Burning” Ceremony of the LIFE CHURCH, Rome, NY, 4-13-2014, with Senior Pastors, Dan & Pearl Sanborn and Pastor Jonnie Nickles Jr.  This year will make the 30th year since the Lord led Jonnie and Barbara and their two children Pearl […] Continue reading →

2014 – What an exciting day to live in.

2014- What an exciting day to live in. God has chosen you to live in this time and season. He has a purpose for you and a plan for His Church in these days! We are trusting God for an EPIC year! A year that is marked by His Greatness and by His Grace and […] Continue reading →